About Me

90s Girl in a Digital World



I’m currently working at Iron Design in Ithaca, NY as senior designer and lead ui/ux designer. Iron is a small team offering a broad range of creative services so I’ve learned to prioritize well and be focused yet efficient with my creative process. In my current role, I often find myself wearing the hats of an art director, recruitment manager, project manager, content strategist, photographer, and internal marketing director. It can be a challenge to juggle such a variety of tasks, but I remind myself what an awesome opportunity it is to get exposure to so much within one role!

While my design career is my passion, I also have a strong belief in work/life balance. By 5:00pm, my body is ready to move, stretch and feel the outdoor air and my brain is craving a down-to-earth conversation. I love gardening, yoga, hiking, baking fancy experimental desserts, traveling, wine tasting, and time with family and friends.